the artist

I’m not sure what the attraction is to my lens – where it came from or how it started, all I know is that it’s there and I love it.

And so, all I can say is thank you,

: To my family – who have continuously supported my unwavering passion and ambition to complete my life goals/hobbies, and the financial dent that came (still coming) with it.  (To those reading, shall we ever meet, I’ll tell you about my espresso machine.)

: To my friends – who have yet kept me by their side despite increasing symptoms of blindness.  Perhaps its for my coffee.

: To my inspirations – who live to express to the world  what we miss and forget; all the artists I have come across, you revive me of these passions when I am too wound up in my pseudo-life called reality.

And finally,
: To you – who have given me the time of your day to allow me to share with you some of my best kept treasures.

So thanks, and just by sharing the site or even just a photograph, you’ve made my time on here worth it.

- Jasmine